Tuesday, July 31

It's the little things that make life so sweet

Little things like plums! I got to eat a fresh, juicy, red Superior plum from my orchard this week. The wild plums aren't doing much yet, and I don't really know if they will. But this plum tree is beckoning, and I will likely take a basket back there and harvest plums later this week. When I do, I'll take the camera with me.

Little things like our current yard flowers

Little things like adolescent chickens

Little things like crab apples

And "regular" apples... these boughs were so heavy they were touching the ground. We've tied them to the frame of the old swingset. We'll see if that helps!

It's the little things which grow in my planted-too-late garden, which I enjoy anyway! The corn was planted a month ago and probably won't do anything but look cute. Beyond that are (late) tomato plants of a few different varieties, peppers, and basil. The lush plot behind it contains grape tomatoes, dill, nasturtiums, and cucumbers. You can see my potted herb garden in the back, but the lettuce is hiding behind a tomato plant. We certainly have plenty of room to expand the garden in the future, as we get the hang of northern gardening.
The lemon balm which really does taste like lemon
The basil which promises to make lovely pesto
And the grape tomatoes which will soon be red and juicy and the perfect, bite-sized flavor of summer. We have 11 plants loaded with blossoms and green tomatoes, so we will be eating a lot of summer! We also have about 16 other tomato plants, which may or may not do anything because they made it into the ground so late.
And it's the little things like happy, swimming children that I really need to capture with my camera, isn't it? We've been scoping out and enjoying several area lakes. Hopefully I will remember my camera next time we go.


  1. Great entry. Wonderful pictures. :O) I'm hoping I'll soon find my cord to my camera so I can post pictures again too!

  2. You have the coolest, most fun blog to come to, I'm tellin' ya! LOVE the photos. Wow - that's a lotta goodness coming from your yard. I mean, do you even stop by the produce section of the grocery store any more? Why would you? lol

    Hugs, Robin

  3. That is so neat, Heidi. :-) I love "walking" around your property with you. :-)