Tuesday, July 24

Well, I'm alive!

I didn't pass swimming so that really disappointed me a lot. Really, I was mostly just emotionally beating myself up because I strove to pass and kids half my age were easily passing. But I did my best and besides, I have never been a good swimmer. I'm always afraid and yet, I went off the diving board into the 12 ft. at least 10 times!
I need to take care of Toby's chores in the morning so I need to go. Don't forget who's taking you home and in who's arms your gonna be. Goodnight!


  1. Well I'm very proud of you, daughter. You began at Level 2, and your "report card" showed you did well at many of the required skills. It took me two years to pass Level 1!

  2. Lynae,
    Sounds to me like you have a lot of courage. I've never been able to jump off the diving board at all! I'm so proud that you kept trying your best. That's really what counts and what builds character in a person.
    And as disappointing as it was for you not to pass, you've been able to express your feelngs honestly. I love you and couldn't be prouder of my dear and lovely granddaughter. You have a wonderful, sweet spirit that will bless all those who know you.

  3. ps....save the last dance for me!
    Love you.

  4. Lynae, after thinking over your last sentence, I realized that you were probably not referring to the song, but to the fact that the Lord is ultimately going to take us home and it's in His arms we're going to be...I just got caught up in the old tune by the Drifters.
    I love you.

  5. It sounds like you did really well, Miss Lynae. From your post, I thought you didn't pass the first level. I didn't realize you started at Level 2! Good for you!! :-)

    I known you're disappointed but try not to compare yourself to those kids half your age. Everybody is different! Everyone has their various strengths and weaknesses and no two people have exactly the same experiences. Who knows how much more swimming time those younger kids may have had, ya know?

    Besides, you have improved on your personal best and that's the important thing. And jumping into water that's more than twice as deep as you are tall 8-0 is nothing to sneeze at, young lady!

    Way to hang in there and work hard, Lynae. :-)

  6. Thank you for your support. Actually Nana, I was referring to the song because at the time I was listening to it, but you bring up a very good point.

  7. You rock, Lynae! There's always next year, sweetheart. I remember not passing a swim level, too. I survived and VOILA! Now I'm 49 years old! Life is good.