Saturday, October 28

A mental picture

Ok, so like I was getting all distracted from packing and stuff and wanted to make soap in a really big way and like I couldn't get my mind off it even though I was scared I would mess it up and was kind of relieved to find out that I didn't actually have all the stuff I needed so I packed some more and then we went to the store the next day and got the stuff but when we got out of the store the truck wouldn't start and it was really late so then everything was closed except Walmart (duh!) so we'd have to spend the night somewhere but I like didn't have my inhaler with me and I really neeeeeded my inhaler so we didn't get a hotel room 'cuz that might make it worse so we just slept in the truck and it was all cool except the thunderstorm was freaky but we were ok. And then this morning we got the truck towed and Enterprise picked us up just like they said and we came home and saw the house was ok even though I had this totally weird vision of it being all messed up and stuff so then we slept for real and then they called and said the truck was fixed so we went and got it and came home and had supper and watched a movie and now I like don't want to make soap anymore but I got some packing done. So like I think the truck thing was a good distraction and I'll make the soap next time I need a distraction but I hope that's not soon 'cuz I really have to get a lot more packing done since we have so much STUFF but like we use it so I keep walking around looking at everything and wondering what I can do without for a whole 4-6 weeks and sometimes I think we need all of it and then sometimes I think we don't need any of it and why am I even packing all that STUFF anyway and then I remember that I have like this whole family and they like nice casseroles and warm clothes and bouncy balls and stuff like that so then I look at the pile of boxes and maybe pack another box or maybe wander through the house again and sometimes all my brain can think of is AAAAAAAAAAAGH! and then other times I think hey, I should make a list which is why I have like dozens of lists all over and then I need a list to help me remember where all my lists are and what they're for and stuff like that and then when I do one little thing I have to find all the lists it's on and cross that little thing off or it drives me crazy and stuff so I'm not making lists so much anymore but that's driving me crazy too I think.

That's why I don't drink soda with my supper, as a rule.

Monday, October 23

More Pictures

These pictures were taken in June, when we went tubing to celebrate the June birthdays (and Father's Day).

A rare picture of me!

Jon, Lynae, Toby

Lynae and Grace

Michael and Dad

Sunday, October 22

Catching up

Loren has made it safely "home". He starts work tomorrow, and I'm sure he'll be thrilled!

Speaking of thrilled, I've found a software replacement for Kodak NotSoEasyShare. I can use Picasa to get pictures off my camera. Here are a few that waited patiently on memory cards while I figured that out:

Toby teaching Grace to play Battleship

Michael's first fish, mounted and hand painted
by Toby for Michael's 6th birthday

Michael and Grace studying together

Going for a walk at Trail of Tears Park

Mummy wrapping Grace as we study Ancient Egypt

Jon mummy wrapping his pound puppy

Two beautiful people

The fam at Nashville's Centennial Park in early October

Monday, October 16

Winter cometh

I suppose that after a post like my previous one, a two-week absence might make it look like I've been licking my wounds. LOL Actually, I've been pretty busy.

I had a friend over last week, and she showed Lynae and me how to make soap. The house still smells like almond, and the kids started using the soap yesterday. It's a huge hit, and everyone is hoping we can make another batch on our own soon.

Last week also brought us the first two offers on our house. Both came on the same day, one by email and one by phone. Both couples had only seen the listing on the internet. We spent that day and night on an emotional rollercoaster, and promptly jumped off the following day when the better of the two offers fell through. As timing was awkward (the remaining offer was from overseas), we had to wait until this morning to find out if we had a signed contract. We did! So Loren and I signed the contract this morning. It looks like we'll be moving just after Thanksgiving, but the exact timing is in God's hands.

It also looks like Loren has found someone in Minnesota who will rent to him short-term until we move up with him. Woo-hoo!

So our next priority is getting Loren ready to leave later this week. Then he'll be scoping out houses and getting his restaurant team hired and trained, and I'll be packing. Ain't no turnin' back now!

Monday, October 2

I'd Like to Thank the Public School System

Your Social Anxiety Level: 60%

You have moderate social anxiety.
It's possible that you have a serious social anxiety problem.
But it's also likely that you can help yourself, by getting out more and trying new, scary activities.
No one's secretly judging you. So be yourself, and if you screw up, just laugh.
Are You Socially Anxious?

(Planting tongue firmly in cheek...) I'd like to thank the public school system for its role in my socialization skills. The guidance and supervision they provided when I was in school were priceless. And you get what you pay for.

Honestly, being picked up by the sides of my head on a regular basis may have been a wonderful show of S. B.'s strength, but did nothing to help me understand proper boundaries. Being stabbed in the knee with a pencil for asking a boy why he was doing his homework on the way to school taught me not to ask questions. Having my hat and books kicked and tossed around on the bus and muddied and spat upon taught me not to feel safe in a crowd. Being insulted and rejected daily by "friends" taught me not to reach out or speak up, and to consider carefully who I call "friend." Being told repeatedly by my best friend that I look like a bug when I wear sunglasses made me very cautious about trusting my sense of style. Trying and failing in front of my peers and being mercilessly ridiculed year after year taught me that sometimes it really is better not to try.

Thanks to the socialization I received in public school, I know now that being smart can be a curse. (I have since given it up.) And being short is a horrible thing. I still feel self-conscious around tall people, and breathe a sigh of relief when I'm around someone shorter than I am. I even secretly (until announcing it on the www) worry that my own children will treat me differently when they are taller than me.

I know now that no one is secretly judging me. Their judgment has never been a secret.

You ask of my homeschooled children, "What about socialization?" Yes, I wonder, too. How different will their lives be for not having learned those lessons in public school? How will their lives be affected by interacting so often with adults who discuss relevant topics or conduct transactions without insulting or tormenting them? How will they understand life if they spend time with other children, most of whom are also denied daily age-segregated socialization? And what does it say of their character if they respond to the occasional bully either by being kind in return or walking away? How will they form relationships with people who are different from them if they don't see prejudice every day? How will they stand up for what's right if they don't spend their days surrounded and bombarded by what's wrong?

Gosh. I don't know. But somehow I think they'll be very well adjusted compared to their mother.