Tuesday, July 17

Today I had swimming lessons

And today we were practicing saving people's lives and whatever. I had to save the lifeguard 4 times. Everyone else only had to save the lifeguard 2 times. The lifeguard was my partner, that's why. Anyway, in the pool today, I forgot which end of the pool I was in. I thought that I was in deep water. Well, it turns out that I was in the shallow end, so when I kept swimming down, down, down, in water 3' 6" deep, well, I hit my face on the bottom of the pool. Ouch. Now I have a big red spot on my chin.

Then, when swimming was over, I was looking around frantically for my lunch which was secretly possessed by Lynae. I walked the perimeter of the school twice and never saw her. So, I went to sit outside. That was fine until some girl dumped water on my head, while I was in dry clothes. I told her not to. I warned her. We'll see who gets the last laugh. Huh, I'll bring a stinkin' five gallon bucket of water tomorrow. Yeah.

Then, we went to Cloquet, which is weird because I could've sworn we went to Cloquet yesterday; anyway, we went to Wally World and Perkins. On the way home, we listened to the radio. What a treat!

I'm getting a new Bible in a few weeks. It's like back order or drop shipped or something. Drop shipped. I wish. I want my new Bible. The one I have now is really fally aparty, like whenever I open my Bible, the book of Ephesians falls out, and from Genesis 1 to Leviticus 14 falls out. This time, I ain't making the 1-800-mistake. Not by the red spot on my chinny chin chin. Nope, I'm buying a hardcover Bible this time. I'm getting a cover for it, too. I need one. Boy, there was one time I left my dog in the truck with my Bible, and he started chewing on it. That's probably part of the reason Ephesians falls out and Genesis 1 to Leviticus 14 always falls out.

Well friends, it is late, I'm tired, and I've got a big day tomorrow. So this is where I say that I'd better start winding down.

I'd better start winding down. In fact, this is the place I say that, in fact, I should be done now.

In fact, I should be done now.

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