Friday, August 3

Book talk

I was first introduced to Rick's blog through someone else's recommendation... actually, I think it was a few someones. I had been reading there for some time before I realized that Cumberland Books might have books I'd want to buy (duh!). It was around that same time that his and the "someones' " continued mention of Wendell Berry led me to read Jayber Crow. I connected with many aspects of that book. I look forward to exploring Berry's other types of writing.

I've had it in my mind for a while that when I'm ready to buy more good books, I'll start at Cumberland Books. This morning I went back to the website, and I'm getting excited about placing an order soon! I love the thought of supporting Rick's business in addition to getting just what I'm looking for.

A few weeks ago, we went thrift store shopping. Feeling a bit like DeputyHeadmistress of The Common Room, I chose several books which looked promising, thinking I might actually read some of them now that I've taken up reading again (albeit infrequently). I began reading one of them this week, This Country Life, by Samuel Ogden. It has no dust jacket, and I must admit to having picked it up in a hurry and only having guessed what it might be about before I bought it. I was pleasantly surprised to find references to Ray Mungo, a name I've just recently learned thanks to DeputyHeadmistress herself, and Helen and Scott Nearing, names I've heard since I was a child. I look forward to finding more time to read this book.

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  1. Oohh, exciting! Somebody else just told me to read the Nearings book, and turns out I have one on my shelves!