Saturday, July 28

I'm back now

Camp was fun. The first night, we all sat around a campfire. Some people had lost their wood cookies, so they had to sing the Barney song for everybody. I didn't recognize the Barney song because I don't watch Barney. (Surprise) (Mom says I used to watch Barney. Thankfully, I've forgotten.) I asked if I could sing a song, and so they said yes, and so I sang Jesus Freak. They loved it. They went wild. 45 screaming fans. (It was 45 exactly.) They liked it so much that they kept asking me through the week to sing it for them.

Through the week, we canoed, hiked, swam (yuck), sang, shot bows, shot pellet guns, and weeded the lake. On Thursday, we went to the range in a really low quality bus. I hate that bus. The leather seats were green, and the... oh dear, we'll just have to hold that thought...

Well, first, I shot a .22 at a target 50' away. That was fun, but the gun was stupid. It didn't always eject the cartridge, and the sights were not aligned well. If you hit a bullseye, it was more luck than skill.

Then, we learned about gun cleaning. That was okay. Kinda boring, but how exciting can you expect it to get?

Then, I got to shoot a shotgun of my choice. I chose a 28 gauge to start with. We were shooting trap. I didn't hit anything, so I decided to use a 20 gauge instead. Oh yeah. It was a heavier gun, so it had less recoil, and so it was more accurate, and so I hit 2 in a row.

Then, we ate lunch. I didn't eat my chips, because ever since I discovered Old Dutch potato chips, you can't make me eat those discount garbagey excuses for potato chips. No sir. Anyway, I ate my lunch and sat with some of the adults. We talked, and then we had to hurry up because a storm was on the way. I changed a snow song to fit the occasion. "There's no biz like rain biz when rain is what we wish for, rain days are fun days to frolic like Eskimos, so what can we say but hip hip hurray, and on with the rain! To see a great big man entirely made of rain. Rain, rain..." Anyway, then it started raining really hard, so we didn't finish, we just got on that clunker bus thing. The cold front moved in so fast that the bus windshield fogged up and the driver couldn't see anything. I salute that guy. Boy was he patient. Well, I decided the bus wasn't worth its weight in cow manure when I saw that the windows were flimsy and wouldn't go up evenly, and when the emergency exit in the roof leaked on the seat to my right.

When we got back, we had our tests and watched an "educational" movie about field dressing game. I said "educational" instead of educational, because most of the people in the audience thought that it was hilarious. Especially when the guy was cutting around the deer's plumbing. And when he was working with meat, they all started puking simultaneously.

Then we had to perform our skits. Each dorm needed to make a skit, and ours was the best. We did the first annual LLCC fashion show, where we imitated the counselors.

On Friday, I was awarded the "Future Member Of DC Talk" award for singing Jesus Freak on Sunday.

I have a few pictures from camp. I have 44, but Mom wants me to do no more than 5 for each post. This may take a while.

Here is a muskie about 4 1/2 feet long.
This is a fisher, related to the pine marten.
Here, of course, is a wolf.
A picture of Gary (counselor affectionately called "Gare Bear") holding a bull snake.
And this is a bobcat.


  1. Were they actually puking or merely making faux puking sounds? It's important that I know this.

    I love Jesus Freak.


  2. They weren't really puking. They were just gagging. It sounded like they were puking.