Friday, July 20

Today was the last day

Hurray! Now it's time for camp in two days.

Today was interesting. We have been testing for swimming all week, so today was going to be free time for everyone. Then, the party pooper came. Quite literally. Some fool left feces in the swimming pool, so they closed the pool for the day. But I passed.

Then, I went to lunch. Since the pool was closed early, I made it in time to eat lunch with everybody else. Maybe I shouldn't have. Everyone was envious of my lunch. "You're gonna give that sandwich to me right?" "How come you get a big sandwich?" "Can I have a bite?" "All I get is PB&J!" etc, etc, etc.

Then I started cleaning the cafeteria. I was sweeping. Brendan kept complaining.
"I don't see why I have to do work; I thought there were JANITORS at this school."
Then when I kept working, he said "Cleaning is for retards -- kinda like you." I got him really mad when I payed no attention. And when he said that in the end, the world will be ruled by retarded monkeys, I explained to him that he is using faulty science, and explained to him that the end of the world will involve a mountain of rock falling from the sky and poisoning 1/3 of all the water, and that the very end will involve terrible torture for three months for anyone who doesn't have The Mark on their foreheads. He seemed especially attracted to the mountain of rock part.
He asked me "So, you said this 'mountain of rock' is called 'Wormwood'? Why is it called Wormwood; does it have like worms running through it or something?"
I said "I don't know, I haven't seen it yet, but I don't think so because it is a mountain of rock, and worms don't go through rocks very often, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the important part is that it will poison 1/3 of the fresh water and 1/3 of the people will die because the waters were made bitter."

Nobody got mad at me or anything. In fact, the people supervising him and I seemed kinda... intoxicated.

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