Thursday, July 19

It's almost over here too!

Yup, I'm 'bout done. After tomorrow, it's time for camp! Hurray! Today I helped out with teaching the little kids, and then when it was time for my lesson, we were covering the same stuff, so it was easy for me. In fact, I was the fastest, went the farthest, etc. Then, I went and ate lunch and helped clean the cafeteria. That was weird. Somebody had been assigned to clean the cafeteria, and a few people (including me) were helping out. Then, she saw us helping and just left. So, we kept cleaning, and we didn't know where she went and didn't really care since she wasn't really working hard when she had been in there.

It is gonna be fun at camp! I can eat, drink, swim, maybe fish, maybe CLIMB TREES, uh... learn, think, distribute business cards, etc.

Today I got 2 magazines in the mail about hunting. That was cool. A lot of the stuff was fishing too. In fact, I think that the majority of the stuff is about fishing, which is cool because I like fishing, and I don't know about hunting, and the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. Besides, I have never really been really good about fair chase. I always think it's so easy, but then when you get out there, you can't remember your own name, let alone DON'T SHOOT YOUR DECOY!!! Or the duck sitting on the water, or the bear taking a nap.

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  1. You survived, too! Good for you, Toby!

    I'm curious to know which hunting mag is your fave.