Monday, July 16

The last couple weeks I have been helping out at the school. They are doing a two week summer program, and I am helping. I guard the locker room. I am lord of the locker room. That is a very... challenging job. A lot of people like to sing or dance or scream instead of just taking care of their business.

Yesterday we were driving home from Cloquet when we saw a sign for feeder pigs for sale. Feeder pigs are piglets that have been weaned and are ready to start eating real food instead of that imitation colostrum. (Yuck) Mom said I could maybe get one. A feeder pig I mean. Not that imitation milk or colostrum. (Yuck)

Today at the school I played hockey with some other people. That was fun. I decided to be the goalie because if there isn't much to do, I would rather not do much standing still than chasing after a ball that I can't get to.

A couple days ago I went to Moose Lake to collect agates. These people dumped a bunch of rocks on the street, so I picked out the agates. Then we saw a bunch of people selling agates and petrified wood or fossils, and I would have bought some, but the only ones worth having were the ones that cost between $20 and $2,000,000,000, so I didn't buy anything.

Next week I'm going to camp. Hooray! I can eat, drink, swim, maybe fish, maybe CLIMB TREES, uh... learn, think, distribute business cards, etc. That'll be cool.


  1. So, Toby, if you got a pig, would you raise it to sell or raise it to eat? Or would it be a terrific, radiant, humble, thing-a-majig of a pig?

    Have fun at camp next week!

  2. I would probably eat it. I may auction it though, since you can get a lot of money auctioning swine. I'd probably name him "Dinner" or something like that, just to keep from getting attached to it. Not like a pig is something I would get attached to, but just for insurance.