Monday, July 16

Exploring Minnesota: Agate Days and Bear Lake

Two of my peeps are in this picture, watching rocks and agates and quarters being dumped on the street for the agate stampede.

Unfortunately, it is open to adults as well as children, so most kids hardly stand a chance at finding anything fun. Toby was assertive and did find a handful of tiny agate chips, but we would've done better to look along the roadside here at home, I think.

On a whim, we stopped at a lake on our way to get groceries. I took pictures of water plants while the kids looked at fish and Toby told us about the bluegills we saw.

As we were leaving, we saw our first Minnesota loon. This unclear picture was taken through the truck and across the road. She had at least one baby with her, possibly two. We could see both adults on the lake as we zipped down the highway on our way home that night.

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