Wednesday, January 31


Loren took the kids sledding last week. He slid backwards into a tree. He was sore for a few days, but is fine now.

Tonight on the way home from grocery shopping, Toby and I saw a coyote and a wolf. At first I thought the wolf was a deer crossing the road. HA! What can I say -- it was dark out.

Jon actually wrote and solved number sentences for 12 word problems today. After staring at the pages for an hour as though he had no clue, he zipped through them in less than 30 minutes. If only I knew what his motivation was!

Thank God for prednisone! I can now breathe, which is nothing to take for granted.

Four year old girls are amazingly cute. Especially when they're closing in on five.

Storage solutions make life much nicer.

I admire my daughter's ability to work toward and accomplish her goals. May she never lose it!

God is good. He is good regardless of what we see or understand or experience.

Sunday, January 21


Here are some recent pictures... posing for fun, and making Nana's pizza dough recipe:

I guess Gracie snuck in there, too. LOL

Friday, January 12

Some good reading

Toby and Lynae will be blogging about once a week for school. They're much better at this than I -- enjoy!

Thursday, January 11

I'm now a plant owner!

I bought a little spider plant. I used to love my all-green, non-striped spider plant. I got one from my mom years and years ago, and every time we moved, I'd take one of the babies with me... usually wrapped in a paper towel, placed in a cup, and traveling in a cup holder.

One Kentucky summer (maybe 4 years ago?), I had the bright idea to put my houseplants outside. This actually worked quite well for a while... then the weather got to them one way or another. Out of sight was easily out of mind, especially with the parenting challenges I was dealing with at the time. I lost a lovely jade plant I'd bought on a visit to a conservatory with my grandmother, my spider plant, and a few others. I was so disappointed! Later on, a friend gave me a bamboo plant as a birthday gift. Somehow, I managed to kill that, too. At that point I totally gave up on houseplants.

Well, moving here has given me hope that maybe I can grow houseplants again. The hooks all over the house are whispering their dreams and wishes to me. They're giving me a vision of the greenery that surrounded Mena here, and encouraging me to try following in her footsteps. I doubt I will ever be known for my gardens like she was, but if I can keep a spider plant alive, that's a start.