Wednesday, July 11

Thousands of words

You simply must click on this picture to appreciate these flowers. I'm amazed at how this picture turned out! Anyone know what kind of flowers these are? The leaves look sort of like large, compact raspberry leaves.
My silly garden - this shot includes pumpkins, marigolds, tomatoes, peppers, dill, cukes, and basil. You can also see the neighbor's garage. Toby will be painting that for her in the next week or two. Funny, months before he was asked to do so, Michael had a dream that he was painting her garage for her. I might send him (and Loren) over to help for a few minutes, just to make that dream come true.

I don't know what this is, either.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Heidi! Thanks for sharing.
    I don't know what the mystery plants are either. Do they have a scent?

  2. Thousands of words, indeed! Great pictures! Feel free to post lots more.

    You're right about those white flowers. Gorgeous!! They remind me of some fake flowers I saw in an arrangement someone sent after my G'ma died. I could never figure out why someone would think those beads look like flower buds but considering the other blossoms on that piece of fakeness, I think maybe they were trying to imitate your flowers.

    I'm glad your property is so refreshing for you. It's refreshing for me, too! lol

    Wondering if it's really true that it's easier to do one's chores without the kids around,