Tuesday, July 10

I wrote something, really!

I thought I'd posted something a few days ago. Turns out it was saved as a draft. Now the content is irrelevant. So much for that.

I've added Toby and Lynae as contributors to this blog. We'll see how that works out. You can still read their old posts by clicking their links. If I'm ever truly bored, I may begin pasting their old posts into this blog. I can't imagine being that bored, but hey, it could happen. While we wait for them to sign in, be sure to check out their most recent entries on their own sites.

Tansy. That's what I've got growing next to my front steps and all around the property. The previous owner's son says it's just a weed. I say a plant is only a weed if it's in the wrong place. (Even horseradish.) I happen to like tansy next to my front steps. Ok, six inches to the right would be even more ideal, but I'm not about to transplant it. In fact, it might inspire me to make the whole front corner of the house into a lovely, bushy, wild-looking herb garden.

Tansy was also the name of my neighbor's dog when I was a kid.
Which reminds me, we had a goat named Coriander.
I look forward to getting goats.
Which reminds me, I must tell you that I love watching our chickens grow! They've found the compost pile, and love to scratch around in it. One of the young roosters is beginning to crow. He sounds so cute and goofy!

You know, on those days when life is a bit rough (every day), I must always remember to walk the property. I'm filled with gratitude and happiness every time. That is very good medicine.

The kids have swimming lessons and classes this week and next. It's just as I thought; I can get my own chores done much faster when they're not here. On the other hand, getting up a couple hours earlier to see them off is whooping my butt. I guess in that way it all evens out... but I sure do love the quiet!

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I venture into my overstuffed email inbox. Or maybe I'm a worse procrastinator than I care to admit. We shall see!


  1. So, you ARE still alive and kicking up there in Minnesota?! Yippee, I was startin to worry.

    I'm so glad that you are enjoying your chickens and property. When I need to clear my head a bit, I go sit on my backyard swing and just watch and listen. It's always good for the soul.

  2. Wow! I did not know that Tansy is something! Thanks for enlightening me.

    We were just talking about Toby and his chickens the other night. My husband was telling me about the interesting live things coming through the USPS.