Friday, July 20


I thought that making 10 jars of blueberry jam would be a great project for me this morning, what with the kids gone and all. I was wrong. I've got at least two more batches of blueberry to make, plus juneberry and gooseberry. And I'm waiting for my helpers!!

I love hearing the :: ping :: as the lids seal!

Other projects I've got planned for the next week or so:

  • put craft and school supplies on the project room shelves the guys assembled for me last night
  • help Toby finish up his "practice" roll of film, get his pics developed, and get him another roll for camp
  • help Toby label his stuff and pack for camp
  • sew some skirts and/or aprons with Lynae
  • make soap
  • maybe tear out first batch of peas, if they're as done as I think they are


  1. Wow, you are industrious. You're my hero, Heidi!

  2. Your days sounds wonderful. I want to can things from my yard, too some day. Blueberries, gossberries, schnozberries, all of 'em. lol

    Soap soap, don't forget the soap...

    I am going to be ordering the rest of my soapin' supplies as soon as I get a check in the mail for soap. Yea! I can't wait to make some and have my house smell all yummy. ALL those scents to choose from. tsk tsk. LOL I can't wait! :) Hugs to you, Robin