Wednesday, July 18

It's not about me

And thank God it isn't, because I'm very selfish and short-sighted. I am the same woman who was so blinded by a headache yesterday that she couldn't find the full bottle of Excedrin, and used that and the heat and her restlessness as an excuse to make a long trip in the air-conditioned gas hog SUV to buy more Excedrin and a Pepsi (because everybody knows that caffeine helps a headache).

I am the same woman who planned that trip for right around supper time so the kids would be well rested from their naps dh could be easily talked into eating out with us, regardless of carefully planned menus and shopping lists and budgets.

I am the same woman who is currently drinking aforementioned Pepsi, even in the absence of the slightest hint of a headache.

Therefore I feel I can safely assume that, if it were about me, I would have the kids registered for public school before they even got home from swimming lessons this afternoon. Because a selfish, short-sighted woman might care less about character and love of learning and Christian worldview and tailored lesson plans than she does about peace and quiet and freedom to work/play/nap/read uninterrupted for hours at a time, in broad daylight. She might begin to believe that a well-tended garden and clean house are more important than nurtured young minds and spirits. She might notice how much easier it is to weed a garden than to train a child, and become utterly discontent with her responsibility to mother her children. (Or maybe she already has.)

Yes, thank God it's not about me. And thank God, He truly has shown me what is more important in this season. I pray that He will help me remember that when the yellow bus comes back this afternoon!

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  1. Hiya! You are such a great mom - yup yup you are!

    You are doing such exciting things these days, I'm tellin' ya!

    LOL on the hermit crabs eating my salat.

    Do ya'll have some Bald Eagles way up yonder to fotygraf? LOL Can ya decipher?

    Well, I'm off to straighten up my photo schtuff then hit the hay.

    Have a wonderful Thursday! Hugs, Robin