Sunday, April 6

That Sinking Feeling

Once the beds were in, there was still more shopping to do. Internet to the rescue! I placed a JC Penney order online, and found me a coupon code for an additional 20% off. Woo-hoo!

Some things are still better bought at a brick and mortar store. So we picked Loren up after work and spent the evening out and about. Duluth in spring, at dusk, with snow on the ski slopes and a thunderstorm rolling in, is absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to get a few groceries before heading home, since my truck will be in the shop most of this coming week. Loren and Jon drove home in his car while the rest of us were at Walmart.

By the time we got home, it was well after dark. Knowing better than to park in the muddy part of the driveway, I turned to pull in front of the house. Can you tell where this is going? Uh-huh. I didn't quite clear the frost boil. Once again, I had that sinking feeling, this time in more than one sense of the word.

(Insert imagined drama here. Be sure to include near-freezing temps, the threat of rain, and 600 lbs of bagged manure.)

Thankfully, Loren was able to get someone from church (with a more powerful Excursion than ours) to pull us out this afternoon. Then we drove my truck over to the shop where it will get a fancy makeover. Hopefully, I'll have a dry place to park it when it comes home!

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  1. We have this part of our driveway where the base soil must be part clay and part black muck. The rest has dried out, but I dread driving over that part. Must order more gravel this spring.