Tuesday, April 29

A post from Toby

We started gathering junk metal, and it was interesting. We found a bunch of metal parts to equipment and stuff, so we had a good time. I found a fencepost sticking out of the ground, a nice, sturdy T-post. So naturally I went to pull it out of the ground. But instead of coming out of the ground, the T-post snapped. Just broke like a toothpick. Wow, huh?

The next day we were headed out the door to see a Danish musician, and it was raining. So naturally I put on my jacket and began to zip it. But instead of zipping, the zipper broke into two pieces. Wow, huh?

So today I was digging holes in the ground to plant trees. (Last year I broke our wood handled shovel so I bought one with a fiberglass handle.) When I heard the handle of the shovel go "tttttttttsssss!!! cra..." I stopped right away. I didn't want to break that too. So next time I have to be careful with it or it'll go "ck!!!" and then it will be cracked and no good.

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