Monday, April 7

So what's been going on lately

I helped paint the girl's room. It doesn't look like Mom wrote about this yet, so I will. Yes sir, I painted the corners mostly but also used the roller. It is a pretty dark blue.

Yesterday... yesterday was a great big adventure. See, on Saturday we went shopping, and when we got home, we got stuck in a muddy part of the driveway and couldn't get out. So yesterday Dad and I went to church in the Insight while everyone else stayed home. We had to get help from a neighbor from church. They have an Excursion too, but it has 4 wheel drive, so they pulled our Excursion out without much trouble. Then, Dad and I put up some shades that were a real hassle to put up. And finally, Mom and Dad took the truck to the safety of the body shop while the rest of us Jesus Freaks listened to "Portable Sounds."

I've also been working on taxidermy projects lately. I mounted a cottontail and a red squirrel, and both turned out pretty nice. However, the squirrel was very difficult due to its small size, and so naturally I am looking forward to mounting a grouse next. Did I tell you guys about the grouse? My overweight dog surprised the whole town when she caught a grouse and brought it to me without harming the plumage at all.

Butchered a chicken this week. Yes sir, I found a rooster eating our eggs and in my fury I butchered him. And now there is no doubt in my mind; I like butchering rabbits much better, which is exactly why I am going to raise rabbits when I get a farm.

We had to take our tests again this year, only I'm a big kid now so I took the ITED test instead of ITBS. But I had to sit next to the same girl and across from the same guy who I had to sit next to and across from last year, which was kinda interesting. Anyway, I finally got my test scores in, and man, I felt smart last year but this year I feel really smart. All my grades were Post High School, and my lowest score was 91th percentile, which is pretty good.

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