Monday, April 21

Our ta-da list

So far today, we've:

  • gotten the sump pump and bathroom plumbing leak fixed
  • tightened the clothesline and hung laundry
  • dealt with dog poop
  • gathered trash from all around the yard
  • gotten out and set up the series of garden hoses
  • set up the grill
  • raked the side yard
And there's still more beautiful day left!


  1. So I'm not the only one who has to go out and gather trash and dog poop when the snow finally melts?

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. It was a beautiful day, and I'm enjoying the thunderstorm now.

  2. Between the broken sleds and the 80 years of farm stuff turned up from the frost, I'm sure we'll never have a shortage of spring trash.

    As for the dog poop, I don't want to talk about it. :p

    It was in the 70's in Sandstone when we went this evening, and about 10 degrees cooler here at home. I'm still getting used to the relatively benign nature of the thunderstorms here. Very nice!

    See you at the concert?

  3. I forgot to say...I will not wimp out on this concert. It's free, it's within ten miles of my house, it starts at 7, there is no excuse this time! See ya there!

  4. Hi there Heidi. I heard on CNN this morning that Duluth is getting 8-14" of snow today (Fri.). Good thing you went out and enjoyed the nice weather while you had it ! ! Hugs, Aunt Marion

  5. (groan)

    See how far we'll go to get Aunt Marion to comment on the blog?? LOL

  6. Hey...give Aunt Marion a break (grin). She's getting OLD doncha' know??? Actually I read your blog at LEAST once a week and enjoy your notes so much. Tell Lynae I LOVE what y'all did to her room. It looks FANTASTIC ! ! Sending hugs to all of you. Have a super day ! !