Sunday, April 13

Mission Almost Accomplished

Here are some before and after pictures of the girls' room. We have some cool wall stickers to put up, but we think they're in my truck, which is still in the shop.
We also have a small table and two chairs for this corner. FedEx should have it here within the week.
As you may have gathered, the girls are very happy with their upgrade!


  1. Wow, those doors remind me of our yellow house. Those were great doors...

  2. Nancy beat me to it--I was just going to say I love that door, and the woodwork around the windows. Well, I also like what you've done with the room!

  3. That is one awesome transformation, Heidi & helpers!! The girlies and I looked at the pictures and think you all did a wonderful job. Very very nice. :)

  4. The girlies are in one of those pictures, Robin!

    We just got the table put in. I'll post a couple of final pictures later.

  5. That is totally awesome! The girls are getting so big now...