Wednesday, April 2

Change of plans

Having diabetes means having my blood drawn every three months. I hate having my blood drawn. Not that I suppose anyone really likes it. So I had an appointment this morning, and it had to be done before breakfast.

I had to reschedule. Our most recent snowfall was very wet, and our driveway wasn't plowed. I guess I packed it down pretty well pulling in last night, and couldn't get any traction to get back out. Unfortunately, I just knew last night that I was in trouble. But rather than stop and fix it then, I left it. And I paid for it this morning. Hopefully I will be able to get out later today, so I can get groceries. Or at least by the time the I get the call that the parts are in for my Truck Repair Wish List. Or at the very least, by the end of mud season.

When I do get back on the road, I can enjoy my new XM radio! Thanks, Adam, for the heads up and all your help! (You need a blog, dude!)

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  1. Did you make it to get the groceries? I am praying for you, my friend. (((Heidi)))