Sunday, April 6

Cleverness and Determination

Finally, the day had come for our youngest to graduate from her toddler mattress to a Big Girl Bed. To conserve space and body heat, we decided the girls would share a full bed. We shopped around and found such a good deal, we decided to get a bed for the guest room, as well.

The night before delivery, the girls cleared their room. They had a slumber party in the living room. They were very tired, so it wasn't much of a party.

In the morning, the delivery guys came bright and early. They hauled two box springs and two mattresses into the house. They tried twice to get a box spring up the stairs. It didn't work.

They must've had other places to be. I asked them to try one more time, but they refused. They didn't even take the mattresses upstairs. I was told I could void the warranty and cut up the box springs, or I could leave them in the plastic and exchange them. They left, and I sat and thought.

Then I Googled my problem, which surely wasn't unique. Not surprisingly, I found help! Keeping in mind the recent adventures and attitude of a fellow blogger, I decided that frustration and worry weren't worth the hassle. It was so much easier to move forward without that burden!

I set Toby to work removing the staples holding the dust cover on the bottom of the first box spring. I thought that would be a great alternative to cutting it, since I had the manpower handy.

When we got a look at the inside, it seemed a shame to have to cut and fold when there was so much open space there. And the fit up the stairs was so close!

Hmm... Lynae and I thought maybe we could use the space to our advantage, and try again to get it upstairs without the cutting and folding. It certainly seemed worth a try!

My biggest concern at this point, having resigned myself to the possibility of a less-than-perfect box spring, was damaged woodwork on the house. Judicious use of towels and nylon cord protected the wood.

They got to the tricky part, and it was still tricky. But it was so close, we weren't ready to give up.

Toby thought he knew just what the problem was and how to overcome it. Lynae wasn't so sure.

So they traded places. Lynae slid right down on her butt.

After conceding that things looked much better from the bottom, Toby resorted to brute strength. Lynae was so thankful that he did!

She and Grace made up the bed with their new linens, and I think this picture says it all.

We had a good meal and plenty of rest before repeating the process with the second box spring.


  1. Wow! Job well done. Amazing how having a vested interest in a project helps the ol' creative thinking and patience, huh?

    We ran into furniture troubles like that in our yellow house because our stairway had a landing that turned at a sharp angle too.

    I'm glad you didn't have to break out the saws and that the girls have a comfy new bed now!

  2. Your kids may have a job this summer when we move in to the new house! Although we may be able to just rig up a system to pull mattresses over balconies. Glad the kids got the job done!

  3. Wow is right! Good job, Heidi, Toby and Lynae! :)

  4. Teamwork! What a great job. What GREAT kids!

    -- JulieBaby