Wednesday, April 30

Life goes on

We're scheduled for more furnace repairs in the morning.

There's snow in the forecast.

I'm taking a break from starting seeds. I have no more warm, light places to put them. I'd be truly bummed by that, but it doesn't look like we'll be digging in the garden for quite some time yet.

BUT! So far this week, we've planted 4 sugar maples, 2 plum trees, and 6 raspberry bushes. We've also pruned apple and plum trees until we ached and were covered in scratches. That was totally worth it. And you should see all the junk hauled out of the woods! We should be well prepared for the upcoming Junk Days.

So, there ya go. Life goes on.


  1. Sounds like your week has been much more productive than mine...

  2. You planted things that will be awesome colorful in autumn!!


    We're sore, too, from mowing two foot tall grass and gardening. I'll be blogging about that soon. Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, Robin