Monday, August 6

Photographic Odds and Ends

Sleepy feetBug on a rose bush
I thought of Robin
My poor camera wishes it and its operator could capture a decent moon picture, especially on a night like this!
Ah, it's almost soap making time!


  1. Candace & I were just talking about trying to make some soap. Did you find any good instructions online?

  2. Very cool pics! What's the steel thing in the water?

    Sometimes with those moon shots, the brightness of the moon overrides the darkness of the night. It can be helpful to have a faster shutter speed. I've had success setting my F stop lower and setting the shutter speed to a faster speed.

  3. Love it! :)

    I am finally going to make soap this month and then likely again next month as well. Might be making sandalwood. yum!

    Aren't moon shots great to play with?!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Hugs, Robin

  4. I'm not quite sure what the steel thing in the water is. Maybe part of an old retaining wall or something?

    Thanks for the moon shot tips. I'll have to keep that in mind next time.

    Nancy, one of the pages I used to learn to make soap was

    I also had Robin come and show me how it's done. :-)