Tuesday, August 28

Scaredy pup

Look at that goofy dog. He's a big baby, I tell ya!

He doesn't like lightning or thunder. He will cry the most pitiful cry from his crate if it's storming at night! I have to turn on the light so he doesn't notice the lightning. And I have to turn on the radio so he doesn't notice the thunder.

This morning, Loren turned the light off when he left for work at 4am. Guess who cried until I got up and turned it back on? I didn't coddle him, just so ya know. I gave him a stern reprimand as I turned on the stinkin' light.

There was no more thunderstorm at 4am, only a gentle rain. Apparently, this sweet pup didn't care.

Good thing he's cute and wonderful and obedient.

1 comment:

  1. Aww, he is cute and wonderful! I'll take your word for it on the obedient. ;)

    I'm glad to see someone else seems to leave the pinch collar on their dog.