Monday, August 13

Let's see what's growing today

We're taking a break from making jam, so we can go scope out the orchard and garden.
Some of the carrots were ready today. I'm totally underwhelmed.Harvesting our "afterthought" lettuce
I guess we're getting a decent return, considering our efforts. I just want to plant a LOT more next year.
We have just enough grapes for a few fun pictures.
Apparently the chickens weren't getting enough foam insulation in their diet. I'm quite ready to have them fenced in and reclaim my shade garden.
"This is my fruit. This is my sister." ~~ Toby poses possessively
Thistle bee - say it out loud. It's fun.


  1. Wow! Look at the wings on that bee! Nice!!

    Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy! :-)

    So you aren't going to pack up and move to Bemidji post haste? ;-) Who could leave that bountiful land you've got there. :-D

  2. I think I'm going to cry. My monitor is going out and I am going to miss your blog the most of all. *sigh*

    I have enjoyed reading all you typed below and the wonderful photos here. Your garden is awesome!!

    I'm having to squint to see this now. lol I am thankful for my Savior, my husband, my children, having food to eat and my good health and your friendship! I am very blessed.

    I will miss reading your blog for now. Hugs, Robin

  3. "Thistle bee" is fun to say. You know all the cool things, Heidi!