Sunday, August 12

Ok, reason 439 why I don't believe in macroevolution

Macroevolution requires that humans came somewhere near the end of all the random mutations etc. Humans are superior to all the other living creatures in many ways. Humans have the best brains, the best memory, and superior eyesight over all the other creatures. Every time a mutation takes place in the theory of macroevolution, genes are lost, not made, not replaced; therefore, anything coming close to the end of mutations and changes would be most deformed, and would be incapable of living, if we are to believe in survival of the fittest. Thus, it would almost make more sense to say that everything evolved from humans; humans were here first, and everything evolved from them. But we weren't, and they didn't.

That is all I have to say.


  1. I agree with you, Toby.

    I would like to know how they explain scent and the nose. Maybe there was a catastrophic cold season where all of the the first breathing creatures died because their runny mouths got stuffed up and they suffocated. Oh but wait! They're all dead! Or maybe the early creatures with sense figured there must be a better way to avoid dino manure than constantly watching their step so they thought noses would be worth a try.

    It's so much simpler and hey, LIKELY, that a divine hand, the hand of the One and Only God, created everything just the way He said He did!

  2. Overall, I totally agree with you. However, I would not say that man has superior eyesight, as the eagle and other birds of prey can see far sharper and at much farther distances than we can. You are completely right according to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, as everything tends toward entropy.

  3. Ms. Donna, that's what my mom said, but here's the deal: eagles and other birds of prey are farsighted. So, even though they can see far sharper and at mush farther distances, they cannot see things clearly up close. So it really depends on what the purpose of the creature is. Hawks and eagles were designed to see that way; otherwise they wouldn't be able to feed themselves. People have "all purpose" vision, which can see a wider variety of things in a wider variety of environments, because God knew that his masterpiece needed all that information to survive.

  4. Now, that was something I did not know or had realized! Thanks, Toby, for pointing that out to me. Each designed for his/her purpose!Don't we serve an Awesome God?