Sunday, August 19

Yesterday was our town's Fun Day

That was a lot of fun. I went down there, looked around, came back. I got Manoah hooked up to the wagon. You know where this is going. I took the wagon into town, and gave the little kids free rides. I shoulda charged 25 cents per person, but I didn't. The biggest person who got a ride was Mr. J.S., and he's a year or two younger than me. Then, we had some yummy food, longingly watched the beer garden (the main attraction), and listened to '80's music. Seriously, it was playing the top 100 songs from 1987.

I danced of course. I danced like an '80's freak. Some of the adults pooled some money and said they would pay me $5 to dance through a whole song. I declined, because the next song was kinda slow anyway.

Then we saw some wicked sweet fireworks. Those were awesome!

At the fair, we saw a goat show. That was ok. What was really cool was me doing karaoke. I sang "Jesus Freak" and "The Last Dance". Yeah dude.

I also thought it was cool that they had a jester who had a fool's cap and rode around on a unicycle. He carried stuff around on his unicycle. Signs, bunnies, etc.

I need to go now because it's late.


  1. It sure was fun. Most of the songs they played, we knew. Ah, what fun it was!

  2. Hey, Toby -- since we couldn't be at the Fun Day (which would have definitely made it a REALLY Fun Day) would you mind calling us up and singing Jesus Freak for us? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    Your mom's friend

  3. Uh, yeah sure... only not right now because it is like 1:19 am there.