Sunday, August 26

Help me decide!

We are getting ready to build our chicken coop. The last one we had was actually a shed we moved across the property and rebuilt, and it had a wood floor. We had no problems with that. Still, the final design detail for us to decide this time around is whether we want a dirt, wood, or concrete floor.

What has been in your coops and barns? What are the advantages/disadvantages as you see them? Which would you recommend for a coldish climate?

Send your farming friends this way -- I could use their input, too!


  1. My grandmother's was either wood or dirt. I'm thinking dirt. What kind of predators do you have up there? Would mold growth be a prob. on concrete?

  2. I vote for a dirt floor with hardware cloth underneath to prohibit animals from burrowing under. With hay bedding, it will keep the chickens warmer than a concrete floor.