Saturday, August 18

I'm missing all the action!

Today our town is having a local celebration, about which I don't know nearly enough. I was hoping to hang out with the kids and get to know more of my neighbors, but alas, that was not to be. I have children who need desperately to be home today.

I am grateful, however, that this is the sort of town in which my older children can be active participants, even without me. In our aging community, Toby and Lynae are becoming well-known and respected. They have been friendly, outgoing, and have even done bits of community service on their own here and there, and people have noticed. (In a town of ~100, it would be hard not to notice. Especially when Lynae hoisted Toby up so he could fix a couple of street signs.)


Loren was planning to join Toby at the pancake breakfast this morning, but something happened and Loren was unable to go. So Toby went by himself and had a great time. After he got back, I heard a baseball game across the tracks.

Later in the day, Toby, Lynae, and Michael went back over for the pig roast, and Michael played some football. Toby brought home a t-shirt... it looks like it will be passed down to his siblings before long.

Toby is there now, taking pictures of a model of the town which includes our house. I'd have loved to see it for myself, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to go. I'm hoping this is an annual event so I can see it next year. I do hate to miss it!

Tonight there will be a concert of some sort, and fireworks after dark. I think Loren will be home in time for us to all go and enjoy that together. We'll have to bundle up, though; it's 61 today and will be much cooler tonight!

Update: Jon snuck out and went across town by himself when he was supposed to be doing chores in the house. I went over to get him, and the other kids told me Toby was already bringing him home. So now I'm home with a grounded son, and Loren is over there with the other kids.


Maybe next year.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun Fun Day.

    RYC, I feel the same way about the corn mess. I can't stand to even make corn on the cob due to the mess. This time I shucked it outside, which made all the difference. My mom (who has never frozen anything except green peppers in her entire life) gave me a tip she saw on a cooking show: get out the ol' bundt pan, stand the corn on end in the hole, and cut off the kernels. They will fall into the pan. Easy-peasy.

    How do you make your blueberry jam? I have blueberries in the freezer -- some even from last year -- could I use those?