Tuesday, November 4

Wrapping things up

It was another warm and beautiful day today. We spent most of it working outside. We mulched the strawberries, built a garlic bed and got that planted, removed a problematic plum tree, built and filled a compost bin, and insulated the eaves of the chicken coop. The firewood has been re-covered, hopefully well enough that the tarps will stay put now. Lynae took care of the peonies and roses, so they're ready for winter. And we got another bushel of apples picked.

We could still transplant some daffodils, but that doesn't tend to make it to the top of the to-do list in the fall, especially when it's rainy like it's been this year.

I think we're ready for the possibility of snow this weekend. Time to get the house back in order and start holiday preparations!

1 comment:

  1. Snow?! I do understand that you live in a totally different area where that is common this time of year, but we saw flakes the other day and that is enough for me for a long time to come! LOL

    It sounds like you accomplished a lot.