Monday, November 3

November 3rd

This morning it was warm and sunny out when Jon and I left to see the orthodontist. Halfway there, the weather turned cold and foggy. I felt bad for Jon, who didn't have a jacket, so I left mine in the truck as we ran errands. We were glad to get back home, where it was actually 30 degrees warmer. It was an amazingly wonderful day for working outside, so Grace and I took a nap, of course.

Jon goes back in a month to get braces. I wonder how that will affect him, and whether he will destroy them. It would be nice if he didn't, considering what we'll be paying.

This evening we enjoyed a cookout in the back yard. The little kids were Union and Confederate soldiers. They built a tent and were all set to sleep out there tonight. It got pretty windy, though, and I didn't want their tent to fall on them, so I made them come inside. I'm such a mean mom!

When is the last time you had fun doing something simple?


  1. I loved my braces. I actually cried when it was time to switch to a retainer. I hated that retainer and tossed it as soon as I could. Evil thing.


  2. "When is the last time you had fun doing something simple?"

    On Friday we went for our walk that we do from the Courthouse to Robin Road, and back. The autumn-y trees were amazing. That takes 2 hours to do and it's simple and wonderful, all at the same time. I always think of you on that walk and wish we could walk together. :) Hugs, Robin

  3. I will pray for Jon and his new braces.

    We haven't done anything simple lately. I'm going to have to plan for something simple.