Friday, November 14

I think I made a young man's day

Since we moved here, Toby has been looking for a bit of space where he could spread out his trapping and taxidermy stuff. He’s been processing animals on whatever bit of surface he could find that was out of my way, which I appreciate, but boy, it’s been tough for him. And he’s been drying pelts in the basement, but now that we have turtles and a freezer and our main wood stove down there, well, sometimes his stuff was still in the way.

An addition was built onto the house not long after it was built. As a result, there’s a little, cave-like room at the back of the basement about the size of a large walk-in closet. It’s not as warm as the rest of the basement, but it is well lit. And this afternoon, I realized it would make the perfect spot for Toby to work! I gave him permission to set up down there, and Loren found him a good-sized work table to use. The joists already have plenty of nails for hanging pelts and a skinning gambrel. Now he’ll have a place for all his tools and a radio, and he’ll be able to hear me when I call him for lunch.

I think he’s thrilled to have his own space. I'm glad I thought of it.


  1. This sooo reminds me of Rick when he was Toby's age! He had a VERY small alcove in his Mom's basement. Toby's space sounds way nicer. I wonder how many taxidermists start out in the basement?

  2. What a neat space for Toby. He must be thrilled!