Sunday, November 16

"Distance" revisited by the guy who hasn't been here for a while...

Well, I can't add too much to what Lynae said, but there was another part of the conversation, that was kinda funny but really helped the point I think. We were talking, as you know, about nursing homes. I said "You can just imagine Grandma from The Waltons in a nursing home. She'd last... what, a day there? Then she'd walk home all the way from Charlottesville." That's probably exactly what she would do too.

Mom was driving around on the dirt roads outside town, and helping me find places to trap. We would stop every now and then to look around. One of those times, I got out to look around and found that another trapper was already there, so I looked at the tag, and I happen to know this trapper. He is one of Mr. M's friends, Mr. B. About half an hour later, I was looking at another spot, and guess who drove right by: Mr. M and Mr. B. That was neat. I need to give Mr. M a call now!

I drove Mom to and through Duluth last night. That was exciting. Didn't even get in an accident, or even close to one. Didn't get lost either, or forget a turn, or anything like that. That was kinda fun.

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  1. Toby, I can't believe how grown up you are! Weren't you just a little yesterday?