Wednesday, November 12

Have y'all MET my husband??

One day I was at work when the new guy came in to get his schedule. He was all smiley and bouncy and friendly -- a lot like Skippy Handelman on Family Ties. I couldn't help but smile at such goofiness. As we got to know each other, I found out his roommate had warned him that I was bad news. (Yeah, we still haven't figured that out.) Personally, I think that's what made Loren want to hang out with me. Before I knew it, we were friends. Everyone told me we'd make a great couple. But c'mon, Skippy? My new line was, "He's great, but we'll never be more than friends."

Famous last words.
Some of you may not know that after we'd been married a few years, we separated. The only reason we didn't file for a divorce was because we couldn't afford to. I thank God that we didn't. After two years of separation, I realized that I couldn't give up on my best friend. I prayed that God would help me love Loren the way a wife should love her husband. I knew I couldn't learn to do that without divine help. But of course, with God, all things are possible. Several weeks later, we were back together. And that, my friends, was over 11 years ago.
So I haven't been smiling this whole time, but I must say that Loren and God have done a lot to help me put on a more cheerful countenance. Now the grump only makes an occasional appearance, for old times' sake. (No comment, kids!)


  1. I suddenly see why you look so young...because at 19 you looked like a little girl!

    Some may not consider that a romantic story, but I do. Anytime God is involved in a love story it has to be romantic.

  2. Thanks for telling your story, Heidi. Nice pictures!

  3. That's really neat Heidi and gives me some insights into others. Since I'm generally pretty cheerful, it's been hard for me to understand why people are so grumpy at checkout sometimes. I usually just assume that they're having a bad day, but perhaps they just aren't smiley kind of people.

    I'm thankful that we HAVE gotten to meet Loren and know what a kind, cheerful, funny guy he is. Thanks for sharing more of your story. I really enjoyed reading it. :O)

  4. Loved reading this story, Heidi! So sweet.

    I'm glad that Loren makes you smile. :)

  5. Skippy!!!!!! ROFLMBO I've never thought of that!!! Loren isn't a dork, though. lol

    Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures. :D

  6. A sweet and lovely story full of hope. God is good!