Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a wonderful day, full of awareness of the blessings that surround you.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. I was blessed today with a good meal shared by my wonderful stepkids and their significant others. And it was a beautiful day.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving ! ! Hope you enjoyed your bountiful meal. I had Thanksgiving here in Quitman with Jack. He deep fried the turkey and it was yummy. I was in Virginia at Tami's visiting with everyone till Mon., then drove back here to be home with my hubby. It was colder in VA than normal. Most nights it was down into the teens. Not that chilly here in Quitman, however. Congrats Heidi on your first Etsy order.....way to go ! ! ! Hugs to all, Aunt Marion