Sunday, November 2


I'm in shock.

Jon is doing jumping jacks because he was distracting the other kids while they cleaned up the kitchen. Normally, jumping jacks are done with lots of whining and crying, and sometimes even with complaining and arguing.

Not tonight. Tonight, he's smiling and laughing. I just asked him, "What's up with that?" He said, "I don't know. I just feel good." PRAISE THE LIVING GOD!!

Not so long ago, it was rare to even see Jon smile. I'm happy to report that, while we still have plenty of issues to deal with, he does smile from time to time. And tomorrow morning, we will start on the journey to improve the appearance of that precious smile. We have a consultation with an orthodontist about the front tooth that still hasn't come in.

But for tonight, we'll keep the smiles going with some Wallace and Gromit.

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