Saturday, August 23

Summer is winding down

I can feel it in the air today. I think it's been in the 60's all day, and I'm loving it! My new banner photo was taken early in the week. We've since had more wood delivered and gotten more stacked. I sure hope we can get the wood furnace going this winter without a hitch. We've made more progress on the coop since this was taken, also. I like the paint color with the daylilies and tansy. We will not discuss the crookedness of things, ok? It was finally time to finish cleaning up the garlic that's been curing for the past couple weeks. I'll be interested to see how long this actually lasts us. I've already ordered some to plant this fall. My to-do list for the next several weeks is daunting, but full of variety and the promise of tangible results. I plan to enjoy it as much as I can.

I've already made two batches of holiday soaps, too. I'm thinking of setting up an Etsy shop, but am not up to the marketing. Anyone want to help?


  1. I'll buy some soap from you! You wouldn't even have to set up anything online for that transaction.

    I really need to get into my neglected garden and make things ready for fall. I'm debating whether I have enough garlic this year to plant, or if I should order some. I harvested about 80 heads, but a lot of them are small.

  2. I'd love to help you! Although, I don't live near you... :/

    Remember me? I haven't posted on this blog in a while. Sorry about that!

    Blake (LetsStartAWave)

  3. I am really loving my Bloglines!Anytime you post an entry I know with a short time if I am in the house. :)

    I am itching to make my autumn soap. I've figured I will enjoy making it twice a year and be happy with that. Once a week (a few years ago) was just too much. I still haven't used the FOs I bought in the spring! (shame on me) I will use them in Sept/Oct.

    I know, I'll move there and we'll both put our straw hats on and sell soap and veggies by the side of the road. lol This picture of that in my head is too cute.

    We are going to plant garlic as well. I wonder where we could store it next summer, after we harvest it? It is so humid here, as you know. Where are you getting yours from? I'm ordering mine from Seeds of Change next month.

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Love your pictures. Makes me miss you even more. lol Hugs, Robin

  4. Love the new heading, Heidi.
    I want to grow garlic, too. When do you plant it, anyway?

  5. Deb, I'd love to sell you some soap! I'd plant garlic from my stash, but this is from the grocery store and I'm not at all sure I couldn't do better. LOL

    Blaketh, remember you? I could never forget you!

    Robin, Bloglines rocks. I'm getting quite a stash of FOs, since I buy small amounts of whatever sounds good. I've got plans for way more soap than I've got a use for. I'm all for you coming up here so we can sell stuff together, but I doubt you'll get me in a hat. ;-) I'm thinking if you start with a small amount of garlic, you could see how well it keeps there. It might not be a big problem. I ordered some from Gurney's... I've had terrible luck with stuff I get from them, but other folks love it, so I'm giving them yet another chance.

  6. Mom, garlic gets planted in the fall... it looks like ours went in November 1 last year, slackers that we are.

  7. Heidi: In response to your comment on my blog: Dr. Heather Winesett at St. Luke's Pediatrics in Duluth. She is good.