Sunday, August 3

I am back

Had a great time in Fergus Falls. It basically went like this.

Thursday: We left around noon, I drove to St. Cloud and from there Dad drove to Fergus Falls. Set up camp and looked around.

Friday: Got up around 6 and went to take a shower. "There's only one knob 'cus there's only one temperature: cold." I went to a lot of demos and took a lot of notes. In my free time I bought trapping supplies and sold my weasel pelts. That evening I went to the auction. I got there, and right away I bought six #1 3/4 traps for the low price of $27.50. Brand new, the same traps would cost over $63.

Saturday: Woke up at 6 again did not take a shower due to temperature of water and air, (cold mornings + cold shower = grumpy guy), went to more demos, got chosen for Junior Trapper of the Year, went in the Sadie Hawkins Trapper Race. I didn't win the race. Mr. Gary said that I should have won because everybody else bent the rules, but that wasn't till after the awards had been passed out already.


  1. Toby, it sounds like a great time! Congratulations on being chosen for Junior Trapper of the Year!

    Take care, Robin Stokes

  2. I'm so glad you're back, young trapper!

  3. Toby,
    Sounds like a great time, except for the shower part!
    Love you,