Saturday, August 30

Now there's a visual!

Lynae let me know this morning that, as homeschool families go, we are not particularly musical. Because, she said, "We don't go scampering across the countryside, singing and playing our cellos."


  1. Heidi....I have posted some photos of Cara's graduation and the family gathering before the ceremony on Facebook. Here is the link......

    I have more than I could have posted, but for some reason I can't get them to upload. At least you will be able to see a few of what I have. Email me at if there is someplace you would like me to email more. Hugs to all of you, Aunt Marion

  2. I decided to upload the remaining photos to my blog (which I haven't used in FOREVER). Here is the URL..

    Hope you enjoy the photos.

  3. Now that's a visual! :)

    I guess we are not particularly musical then either.


    We aren't anyway. I don't know what all instruments you play but you sure have some awesome singers in that bunch! I remember! :) :)

    Thinking of you as I garden today, Robin

  4. What a great quote!

    scampering indeed!

    I love your blog!!!! :)