Saturday, August 9


We're a nation of consumers
This commercial sounds an alarm in me each time I see it. Although the commentary might differ slightly, I encourage my children to analyze it as well. It's very enlightening.

Here's something many folks aren't prepared to consider: The concept of consumer responsibility
I would quote this, but you'd do so much better to go read the whole excerpt.

Unfortunately, this country seems to be headed more in the direction of rewarding financially irresponsible choices

It's time for a balanced look at our own lives -- Christians pursuing prosperity


  1. I'm with you. This "nation of consumers" thing has got to change. We need to seriously rethink our system. After all, we can't keep buying all this junk. We just can't. After all, how much stuff does one household really need? I love to use Freecycle and Craigslist. I check there before I buy anything. I also will post an ad in a newspaper or penny saver -- just asking if anyone has whatever it is that I'm looking for. Nine times out of ten -- I can find it there and never even have to get it from the store. Yard sales and flea markets are way more fun anyway. You know?



    P.S. I just love your site.

  2. I had my girlies and I watch the commercial. Thanks! Vedddy interesting. Hugs, Robin