Sunday, August 24


I had a wonderful time at camp. I went to Laurentian Environmental Center up by Virginia, MN. It was the first all girls session that they had ever had, and I expected only about 5 girls to come. Boy, was I surprised! There were 16 girls total. I quickly made friends with three of them and we decided to be together as much as possible. (That was really easy because we were often divided into groups of 4.) We called ourselves the klutzes because we were all rather clumsy and all forgot to bring something.
My friends blowing on the fire that we started.

I forgot to bring my camera to range day, but while we practiced target shooting, my friends were able to get some pictures of me. Here, Miss Stacy is helping me get good aim.
We also got to shoot some arrows at 3D targets. I was shooting at this coyote.
I also got to climb the 32 ft. climbing wall.
We only got a little bit of lounge time, so we usually rested.

Here are some amazing mounts.More camp friends.


  1. I took these pictures on my own digital camera!


  2. Love the pictures, Lynae! Looks like you had a wonderful time and made some great friends.
    Welcome home. I'm sure the family is happy to have you back!
    Love you,

  3. Awesome pictures!