Monday, August 18

Another birthday!

This year, Jon's birthday celebration was a great success. And that right there is proof of God's goodness.
Hard to imagine, but the young man is 10!It was time to try the two-wheeler again. Last time, he just wasn't ready. This time, just a bit of help getting started, and he was off! There's no stopping him now. (gulp)


  1. Wow, he's grown. It's hard to believe that he's in double digits now. I'm so glad that his birthday went well. Tell him that my Jon is still working on riding with 2 wheels too.

  2. What joy, that first successful ride on a two-wheeler! I remember it well and smile at the memory.
    Good going, Jon!
    Love you,

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Jon

    From Miss Robin, Emma and Beka