Thursday, August 14

Toby got a rabbit

Her name is Sapphira. That is spelled differently than Saphira, the dragon in Eragon. I did some research and found that Sapphira is a feminine form of "Safir" which means "Beautiful." This is a picture of Sapphira and me (I'm the one with the blue shirt). She's a Flemish Giant, which means that she may get up to 25 pounds. She also likes to nip me, which means that she needs to quit that pretty soon or she's gonna end up in a crock pot.
This is Michael and I enjoying Jon's birthday last night. I am wearing a blue shirt in this picture too, but so is Michael. If you can't tell who's who, I'm on the left.
The other night I was listening to the Weekend 22 countdown, which is played across the country, and heard someone on the radio who I knew... me! That was so unexpected that I just listened, and when it was over I sat back and laughed. Because my comment was played across the country, I'm supposed to get a free copy of Matthew West's CD Something to Say. You might remember me talking about this back on May 21. I still don't quite believe it.


  1. Don't I take charming pictures? LOL


  2. HA! When I read "Toby got a rabbit" I thought you meant he shot one!

  3. Hahahaha!!! ^ I thought the exact same thing. Congrats on your new found national fame, Toby ;)