Friday, August 1


We planted garlic last fall, and today was harvest day. If it's as yummy as it ought to be, we'll definitely grow more next time. It's very easy to grow, and we love garlic.Lynae got a picture of me all sweaty and messy when I came back inside. I'm only posting it so you can see my new glasses. I'm thrilled with the Transitions lenses! They lighten up much faster than my previous pair.


  1. How about that...I harvested my garlic today too! It is really easy to grow here, and even though the harvest was huge I never seem to plant enough.

  2. You grew garlic!! We are going to plant it this November for the first time.

    Your new glasses look GREAT! Emma will be going to the eye doctor and she wants Transitions as well. I am curious to know how much more they cost than without.

    It's wonderful to "see" you. :) Hugs, Robin

  3. How nice to have a pair of glasses that work great and look great, too! Enjoy!
    Love you,