Wednesday, October 29


If you are planning to vote for a candidate based on gender, skin color, astrological sign, or some other silly thing, do the nation a favor and stay home. Voting is a responsibility in the same way as jury duty. It should be taken seriously. Imagine a jury deciding someone is guilty because of the way he looks or sounds, regardless of the evidence. Yes, it happens. And it's wrong. We don't support that kind of judgment in a courtroom. We shouldn't support it in the voting booth, either.

The Constitution has put limits on our government, without which we would not enjoy the freedoms we do in the United States. If we squander our voting privilege and support candidates who do not uphold our Constitution, we will find ourselves on a slippery slope to the loss of much of what has made this country great. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to choose well. Please, don't let them down.


  1. Exactly! You say things so well. You really do. :)

  2. Well said!

    Joshua and I tell people -- you don't have to vote on everything. If you get in there and don't know the issues whether it's a school board person, an amendment, or a presidential candidate -- if you aren't informed don't try to make decisions while you are staring at the ballot. It's okay to not vote on everything!

    You can skip!