Thursday, October 2

I dreamed I was back in high school

This morning I dreamed I was in high school. I was wandering the halls, with no clue what classes I was supposed to have been in for the past several weeks. I went to the office, and they said I was only scheduled for one class... Books. (?) But they wouldn't let me leave after that class, because the policy was that no one could leave early.

I told them I was going to talk my mom into homeschooling me, because that was a ridiculous waste of time. Then I went home and did try to talk her into it. She didn't think she was up to it. So I told her I could basically homeschool myself, as I was already teaching my own kids.

When I woke up, I actually reminded myself that I'm done with school. What a hoot!

(Apparently, this is what happens when I watch The Office, miss my planned trip to the library, talk to my mom, and forget to submit the proper homeschool paperwork on time.)


  1. Today as I sat at my computer blog browsing while all my siblings did school. Oh, I was so happy to be done being forced to do it:P

  2. I still have recurring school nightmares. What trauma the education system has caused in my psyche!

  3. But there was no flux capacitor in the dream - something was wrong, then! There was no high school without that!

  4. When, oh when, do the school nightmares end? I am fifty years old and haven't seen the inside of a classroom since 1976! And the dreams keep coming, at least a few every year.