Monday, October 20

My finger is better

The other night I asked Mom to take my stitches out. That was good, now my finger can move freely in every possible direction again. I enjoy not having stitches. I thought I was happy when my ear stitches came out last year, but that was nothing compared to this.

Yesterday afternoon Lynae and I went to Sandstone shooting range and shot the 22. We learned a lot about the gun. We also learned that Lynae is a much better shot than I am. She said I'm just as good, but that's just because she didn't want me to feel too bad. Well, if I was shooting at a deer 100 yards away in real life with open sights, I could still get a pretty lethal shot at it. I would do much better with a scope, and we had a scope, but it broke. It probably broke when we were moving it, probably hit a speed bump a little too fast and the scope broke then.

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  1. T in Mapleton10/24/2008 10:55 PM

    I doubt if you will do much deer hunting with a .22. Most hunters use a scope, but Daniel doesn't have his own hunting rifle yet, so he uses an old 8mm Mauser (military rifle) and iron sights. Of course, he didn't get a deer this year, either. But neither did anyone else in our family. It isn't like KY where there's a deer in every headlight beam. By the way, many scope manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, so be sure to check on that before you pitch yours in the garbage or spend a fortune on repairs.