Friday, October 3

My legs are done

For the day. Don't worry, I'm not that old. I walked to Deep Rock, and I mowed a lot of lawn. We pretty much emptied the garden. I chased the school bus. I sang. Now for the details. (In chronological order.)

I started by taking Grace to Deep Rock. We made a deal, that I would carry the gas can there to get filled, and she would carry it back, full. She liked the idea, and so I handed her the gas can. Reread the last few sentences. Then, we walked to Deep Rock. I bought the gas and gave Grace the gas can. The guys at Deep Rock were not impressed. "Ho, so she gets to do the heavy lifting while you sit back." "Ah, so that's how these brothers operate, eh?"

Then I mowed the lawn. Nothing interesting there. Just a little note to you people in the neighborhood who don't tell me that you're reading my blog, who think, "When's that boy gonna mow his lawn?", that I have, and you should come see it.

The garden was really the easy part. We just demolished what was dead, and then demolished what wasn't, and then threw the demolition leftovers at the chickens. They ate what they wanted to, and left for tomorrow what they didn't want to eat.

Now things get interesting. See, the school bus was leaving the street that somehow is partly in our lawn, (less for me to mow), and I thought, "Hey, life is short, and I'm bored. Who's on that bus anyway?", and almost as if I had lost control of my legs, ran after that school bus. I kept up with it for about 20 yards, and then I got bored again. Bus drivers don't really like it when you follow them, so I stopped and ran back to wherever I had come from.

The singing wasn't that good in my opinion. Just a song by Everyday Sunday, and little bits of a Family Force Five song. I know, really bad.

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  1. Thanks for my first smile of the morning!