Sunday, October 12

Saw a coot last night

I was driving everyone to Moose Lake to get some groceries, and right as I was turning into the parking lot, a coot ran out into the street and almost got hit. That was pretty cool. I had never seen one alive, but I saw it and said right away "Ho, ho, it's a coot!"

On Wednesday morning, I was assigned a task to be completed by Wednesday afternoon. That was to cut the zip tie holding the new measuring spoons together, because it was so tight. Well, I decided to use my handy dandy pocket knife, and I started cutting. I really can identify my target before I hit it, but it slipped and my knife went deep into my finger. After pulling my knife out of its new sheath, I exclaimed, "doggone it!", and waited to see if it would bleed. It took it about 20 seconds, and then it started to bleed really bad. I calmly asked to use the bathroom asap, and asked Mom to help me get a bandaid on. Well, this wasn't a bandaid wound, it was more serious. I mean, just about clear to the bone. Mom took me to Moose Lake to get stitches. I got four lovely stitches in my finger. But the tranquility wouldn't last.
(Creepy music here)
You see, the night before last, I lost a suture in my deep sleep. No kidding. It came untied and slipped out silently into the mysterious land of the runaway sutures. When I awoke, I exclaimed "Good grief!" in horror. Well, at least I was not in pain. All was well, just not perfect. But last night in Moose Lake, we were playing at the park, and my skin stretched a little too much and started to bleed. I put a bandaid on when we got home, and now everything is better again.

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  1. Toby, I hate it when I run into those "whoops" moments. Glad to hear you're stitched up and good to go. It's amazing how our skin can heal itself so well, isn't it?
    Love you,